Saturday, July 14, 2018

Getting your radical edge


• Skim the bestseller lists, magazine racks, television listing and headline of newspapers from around the country and the world. Scope out the room that you are sitting in and the crowd that you are walking with. Watch the trends in technology. Be an anthropologist. Study behavior. Notice things.Scan.

• Listen to what people are saying at work, at home, in the supermarket, on the radio. What are your customers saying about their own challenges in their work? What are you neighbours saying about their? Did you hear something noteworthy? Don't judge; record. Write your notes here.

• Review what you have seen and heard. Now ask yourself:
> What do these things mean to me and mine?
> What are the implications for and the impact on my business, my life, the world?
> What other questions do I need to ask about what I have seena nd heard?
> What is most important in my life? Why?
> What is my frequency?
> How do I consistently live in tune with it?
> What, if anything, is missing?

This is your space to consider anything - anything at all. Do not edit, do not judge, just reflect and let it roll.

How you respond to it depends so much more than just on the choice of colours used, although this has of course its play in it as well. It is in the eyes of he beholder, we just need to find as much common ground as possible for the target group to react on.

Looking forward, it will be interesting to see if we think of colour (in general and of course black and white in particular) in the same way as as we now do. Technology make it easier for us to implement more and more colours into design everyday. Web based graphics are restricted by the screen on which they are displayed but the technology in this is rapidly evolving. Printed graphics have also changes drastically with new technology in the last decades. With digital printing pushing the envelope each day, one of the latest being ability to print white colour numb our sense of its usage, or will we embrace it and thus replace black and white with a more colourful spectra?

• Recruit a team of fellow Extreme Leaders - your team at work, your fellow volunteer in your community efforts, your family, neighbours and friends. Choose a time and place to gather, talk, kick it around, commiserate, and inspired - a time to compare notes on your experiences as human beings.

• List the things you want to bring to the group’s attention, the things you find interesting, funny, odd, inspiring; the things you need help understanding; the things you find noteworthy.

• Now that you have scanned, eavesdropped, pondered for a whole, and talked about it with some trusted kindred spirits, it is time to do something. Do something bold, something audacious - something that could change the world for the better.

> These are the things I am going to experiment with...
> These are the things I will change right now...
> These are the commitments I make to the people around me and to myself...
> These are the people I will need to help get it all done...

“I may not have the capacity to love everyone, but I do have the capacity to act as if I do and run my business accordingly” - Agnes Golden

“Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do” - Pops Maritime