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Thursday, August 16, 2012

No Batman

parse906 X Joon Shido

I am so excited when Joon show me his design that he going to use it to try to make it as silkscreen mould.
It is a Batman villain's called Bane!
He suddenly said:" I Bane You!"  when we are discussing the
 way to experiment this new method of doing the silkscreen.

After everything was well prepared and design had been touched up, he came to our hostel with full of joy.
I had some chit chat with Joon Shido before we start to busy with the mould production.
He had some doubt of choosing to study diploma in illustration as
 he had just finish his Diploma in Multimedia at Tunku Abdul Rahman College.
I am surprised after listening when he is saying about his thought.

I hope he will enjoyed his new life in others college and boom something new in Malaysia industry.
He is crazy, passion about art, sacrifice his own stuff and high interest baby. 
This only word I can describe about him.

 for being the first one to let us print your shirt even though the shirt it is really branded. and so on.