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Monday, March 11, 2013

After YUMCHA then pay your meal in Ringgit

After long term of digesting the virtual and concept of the artwork, 
I had finally come out this idea to spread the first print of 
RINGGIT MY silkscreen poster print in my college.

Below is some of the detail looks of the poster.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Proud and Loud

This t-shirt was a product from Loud and Proud local base clothing brand.
The co-founder said that his aim is to create something that will make his people who stay in the same state with him to be proud of their own birth place, which is Pulau Pinang.
There is a big blue word written in the middle, “Penang Lang”, it means Penang people. “Lang” it is a hokkien dialect lingo, it referred to people.

I am really surprise when I saw the corner of the t-shirt.
It is a piece of tiny cloth with 3 colours that you can see in Penang flag.
The packaging of the design still got space to improve, but basically the whole things looks neat.
The box was printed with the t-shirt size. 
It is kind of systematic when whole pile of t-shirt had been package into the box.

In addition, the t-shirt label had a big statement written there, “MADE IN PENANG”. This is really a WOW for me as seeing nowadays teenagers love their state,hometown, where they born so much.

So, as support their spirit do share this out, and make a shout out for them. It is a positive teenage spirit to show their love to their birth place through using state name as an aim to do local branding.