Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hang Out with JT

It is really a surprise for me when I told Jun Teh to be my Malacca
tourist guide although I am a local people too.
Personally, I think she has a strong passion about Malacca, 
no matter about geography, history, art, or local society changes.
We meet up a foreigners asking routes to find some iconic
 tourist place of Malacca, she can told them clearly without hesitate.

We did sit up in a hot sunny afternoon, spending our 1 hour, at the bus-stop chit-chat.
As a senior, will ask juniors the reason of picking the course you are studying, but on the way we chit chat, we suddenly talk about graffiti art topic. She suddenly said that Malaysia roadside banner really weird, 
how they can present this kind of things to the public.
Will it be better if the banner replace by spraying graffiti art on it?

hahahahha.....I was laughing..... and the chit chat carry on...
In sum, it is a nice hot fun day to hang out with you.
See you around ya, Jun Teh.