PARSE906 is a digital media practitioner since 2013. Crafting his works on both physical and digital art form. His works revolves around the hybrid of traditional and local cultures. He explores different medium, from paper to flat screen and everyday items. For more than a decade, his addiction towards rebelling the norm had taken him into explore various possibilities in leveraging human lifestyle.


2004 - PARSE906 graffiti started
2005 - PARSE906 graffiti continue
2006 - PARSE906 strong influence from Klanconcept
2007 - PARSE906 first graffiti blackbook
2008 - PARSE906 started learn Adobe Photoshop
2009 - PARSE906 started to discover graffiti tool 
2010 - PARSE906 started self learn graphic design
2011 - PARSE906 join TARUC multimedia cohort | Graffiti journey happy full stop
2012 - PARSE906 completed Malaysia graffiti writer collection | Yumcha brand started
2013 - PARSE906 addicted to naughty vinyl toy influence from Flabslab
2014 - PARSE906 started Ah Bubu project
2015 - PARSE906 started shared inspired commercial graphic | Yumcha brand happy full stop
2016 - PARSE906 completed Mouse Is Not Moust (MINM) digital media art project
2017 - PARSE906 started P906 Dictionary