Ken Lim T.S.
Founder of  "parse906"

PARSE906 ,it is my graffiti tag name and I had also turn it into a brand.

Ken Lim T.S. is the co-founder of Be Happy, Money.Power.Fame and Yumcha brands.
"Be Happy" brand and "Money.Power.Fame" brand was created in 2011.
"Yumcha" brand was created in 2012. " Ah Bubu" origami toy was created in 2013.

He loves graffiti,urban art and photography.
Now, he is currently studying Diploma In Multimedia Design .
He is just a guy who loves design,art and science.

1993 - Birth in the earth
2004 - Start to learn graffiti
2005 - Picking up the first cans, and do some nasty things in the street with friends. "parse906" tag name was born.
2006 - Continue to learn graffiti by sketching and do online research.
2007 - Have his first Graffiti Blackbook. He bring around the Graffiti Blackbook to meet up with some local and oversea graffiti artists.
2008 - Start collecting local and oversea graffiti artists. This is the year, he starts to learn Adobe Photoshop
2009 - parse906 blog started and that is the time Malaysia got oversea branded graffiti tools.
2010 - Start to focus more in digital art and study. He had started his Behance Creative platform portfolio.
2011 -  Try to think the way to earn some penny to further study.Focus on study and observing the Malaysia art and design trend.
2012 - Working on few art and design projects to make the world looks younger and beautiful.
2013 - Have an awesome ending diploma course and got a cut from robbery in Malaysia.
2014 - Still running 3 main parse906 art projects, which are YUMCHA, RINGGIT and Ah Bubu projects.

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