Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday DAY

Indonesia little kid that with good
dancing skill.

The Kioue,malaysia graffiti writer,was shocked

when he heard his name was mentioned by the

emcee for showing funky dance.
He did well on the spot.

Morning & Afternoon:

I went to the e@curve, kota damansara.

We spent 2 hours to reach there since we are

not familiar the way to there.

I feel quite damn about the TOL stuff.

It is because one wrong turn will cost you

RM1.50~ RM 2.00.

Damn it. I will like to recommend peoples bring

their GPRS when you want to rock around city road.

Evening & Night:

I spent almost 2 hours to reach here.Bon Odori

was held at shah alam. I took Lrt to KL sentral

station and exchange to KTM to Shah Alam station

What a meaning useful function !!! Crowded here,

but I personally think that the food is quite expensive.