Thursday, June 21, 2012

Treasure or Treasure

I had moved into a new hostel. 
When I was packing my things,I found out a small plastic bag, I was curious.
So, I open it up and I saw a lot of papers and art tools.
I pour every things out on the floor.
This is what in the plastic bag.

I think this guy is my seniors,
Malaysia Multimedia Senior TARCollege, Multimedia Students. 
I am not sure which he is in, I saw some private information and some 
loan application form which fill up with a lot private details.
( I respected the owner.So, I did not take those confidential form photos)


TARCollege formal letters envelope... I think he did some formal activities in the past.

I really no ideas what is this cassette for, 
I am going to keep and it was stick by the plaster
. It looks cool.

 This behind of this storyboard got written "AML" and Advanced Diploma Multimedia Design Students.

Some lectures named had been written, few of them still teaching me.

Exam Slips

Maybe that year, it is a trend of Maple Story online game. 
This is a paper written with a few number and letters,
maybe it is a hot key for some virtual game elements.

Maybe he wants to be an actor, I saw a few papers about
 "how to be a good actor", "actor discipline" and so on...

I really not sure what is this A3 size graphic paper all about...hahahaha...looks old school.
Times goes by thing change, technology change. hahaha....What a nice discover.
I think this guy already achieve what he wants now.