Thursday, July 5, 2012

Young Dream

I start to know Digital Art when I was Standard 6 in primary school. I was addicted to it when I saw somebody did that kind artwork. It is really impressive. So, I decide to ask for some professional out there to teach me but they are too busy. Then I pick up my guts to ask one of my senior to teach when I was in secondary school Form 2. This is the time where my journey start.
Here is some of my "young young" artwork:-

I started to do t-shirt design for my college basketball team.

I move on to my side project which is photo manipulation. 
I really love this kind of artwork.

After I graduate from secondary school, I had start to discover 3D motion graphic. I had start through learning photoshop compostition editing....hahaha.... although the work is suck but I still love it cause it is my first experience at it.