Friday, September 14, 2012


During my college sem-break, I had been given a "graphic design" mission by my old secondary school.
I was thinking what should do with the booklet, it is kind of fun to do it
 when I got the permission from the principal of doing it in my way.
There are a lot discussions carried out during this 3 weeks.
I suggested an idea of collaborating school magazine society and comic society.
Fortunately, I can make use of their talents to involve in this meaningful school project.

This project was simple and I don't had the right to shared it at here.

It is really my first time of doing it.
So, I decide to brief them about the project. In the meantime, I saw there are few students really had the opportunity to draw and express themselves through drawing. I had though them the simple contour and blind drawing to train their way to observe things. (experimenting what college teach)

They are obedient students, they pay attention when
 I was talking and they really practice it what I had though them.

When the section end, I will always asked:" Any questions?" (experiment what Mr.Aaron said)
As getting feedback from them.
Suddenly, a student asked what is the different between art and design?
I answered, 
then he continue asked do you think Malaysia education suck?
I answered sadly.
It is because the second question remind a teacher(Pn.Lee) who used to taught me, 
back to the old days, there are a class for learning culinary art, farming and so on.
And they complain to me that a class called KH as known as
 kemahiran hidup and art class are totally boring.
I just smile without respond her.

I asked them back,
Will it be great if you can start to focus on your self-interest subject in 15 years old in condition of still learning 3 major languages?

Then the discussion start.

I found that all the techniques and thought that I had learn in college, it is really worked when applied and experiment it during this 3 weeks with these "young artist".