Sunday, March 3, 2013


Josh Mosh is using PARSE906 prototype ink to do his tagging.
Stay tuned for more PARSE906 stuff.
We know you love new stuff.
Be patient.

After a super stress week days, we decide to take a chance to drop by here.
It is nice to meet you, Josh Mosh and pretty chick from TARC DGD.
It is a good days, not sunny not rainny.
I used DOVE spray can for all the pieces.
Its colour work very well, except the yellow.
Anyway, we having fun there.
Crazy shaking, photography, chit chat, knowing, facebook, drug, poor, bath.

*typo design/Lye Yuh Ren *photo/ Lee Yi Sheng & Lye Yuh Ren *wall artwork/Ken Lim & Josh